Following his successful Seven Brides novels, Leigh Greenwood begins a new series with a wonderful Americana romance blending a heartstirring tale with unforgettable characters.

Jake returned from the Civil War to find much of his ranch appropriated by farmers. No love is lost as he slowly regains his land and rebuilds his herd.

Eastern teacher Isabelle is bringing a group of orphans to Texas to find them homes. Some farmers have agreed to adopt the boys. But when she and the boys are stranded on Jake's ranch and she learns of the farmers' brutality, Isabelle must rethink her plans.

A loner, Jake is overwhelmed by the lovely Isabelle and the boys, including troubled Matt and hero-worshiping Will. They soon win Jake over, but he wonders how he will woo Isabelle.

Filled with laughter, tenderness and wonderful family loyalty (even when the family is made up of misfits), JAKE is so beautifully rendered that readers will be left feeling as if they have been held in his arms. SENSUAL (March, 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin