Image of The Cowboy's Lady (Love Inspired)


Image of The Cowboy's Lady (Love Inspired)
THE COWBOY’S LADY (4) by Carolyne Aarsen: Leaving behind her life as a chef in New York City, Vivienne Clayton returns to her small hometown, per the requirements of her grandfather’s will. She hopes to use the money to open her own restaurant. She encounters Cody Jameson, a local cowboy who liked her in high school. Vivienne accepts a job as a cook at his ranch. Cody views Vivienne as a big-city girl, like his former wife, and he is certain she could never love the ranch as much as he does. When Vivienne starts to develop feelings for Cody, she faces a dilemma: love or career? In this heartfelt story, Aarsen reminds us that life’s challenges can be met and overcome by trusting in one’s faith.
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Leslie L. McKee