A custody battle is at the very heart of this tender tale as Matt Lassiter and Ellen Donovan try adopting the same two orphan boys. Matt and Ellen were both orphans, but Matt at least knows what it is like to have a caring adopted family. The leading town dowager and the local preacher try preventing the adoptions from happening so Matt and Ellen decide to get married.

The children flourish under Matt and Ellens care, but there are those that will do almost anything to stop the adoptions.

With the help of Matts adopted kin, Ellen feels safe and part of a family. But shes still determined to leave once she knows the children are safe. When the judge agrees to let the adoption go through, another orphan shows up at their doorstep, asking for help. How can they refuse?

MATT is another installment in The Cowboys, the saga of Jake and Isabelle Maxwell and their brood of adopted children. Strong characters and emotions carry the story forward and keep us waiting for the next cowboy. SENSUAL (Jun., 395 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager