Pete Jernigan awakens cold and in pain. He realizes hes been shot. His saddlebags are gone. He stumbles across a deserted wagon and the body of Peter Warren, probably killed by the same men who attacked him. He also finds Peters letters promising to be a husband to Anne Thompson, so he decides to go to her ranch.

He arrives to find Anne being abused by her uncle and announces himself as Peter Warren, Annes husband, and takes control of the ranch. Anne believes he is Peter, and his considerate care brings out the strong and independent woman within her.

Pete is still searching for the men who shot him when the man who stood to inherit the ranch is murdered. Pete is the primary suspect, but Anne vehemently defends him.

More trouble occurs, leading Pete to suspect someone is trying to get control of the ranch. Pete has no choice but to tell Anne the truth, and it is up to Anne to rescue the man she loves.

PETE continues the saga of The Cow-boys and, true to the series, is a tender and wonderful story of finding true feelings of belonging. Well-written and engaging, the tale of Annes transformation through love from a woman who feels unworthy to a tigress will be enjoyable for readers. An added bonus is seeing the Randolph Clan from Seven Brides interact with the Cowboys. SENSUAL (Sep., 395 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager