Image of A Cowboy's Plan


Image of A Cowboy's Plan

A COWBOY'S PLAN (4) by Mary Sullivan: Left with his young son, Liam, due to his ex-girlfriend's drug problems, C.J. Wright is determined to build the ranch of his dreams for himself and the boy. He hires Janey Wilson to run the candy store his mother left him, and he and the young woman soon fall in love. Having lost her own daughter only a year earlier, Janey isn't sure she can be around Liam, but she soon learns there's room in her heart for the young boy -- and his father -- after all. In Sullivan's heart-wrenching tale of love and loss, Janey's grief over her daughter comes across as quite realistic, as does her initial reluctance to bond with Liam. C.J.'s determination to keep Liam also seems very real.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay