Image of This Cowboy's Son


Image of This Cowboy's Son
THIS COWBOY'S SON (4) by Mary Sullivan: A lot has changed in the five years since Matt Long slept with Jenny Sterling and then left town. Jenny now has a 4-year-old son named Jesse and is about to marry Angus Kinsey, who Matt looks to as a second father. Hiring on to work at Angus’ ranch to repay a debt to the man, Matt learns that Jenny is his boss and that Jesse is his son. The two are soon battling their attraction, but it’s Angus who calls off the wedding when his own old love interest returns. The addition of a secondary romance adds depth and complexity to this story. Matt’s desire to do the right thing is highlighted by Angus’ breaking of his promise to Jenny when he sleeps with his old flame. Using Angus as the foil allows Sullivan to develop Matt’s character more fully.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay