Image of A Cowboy's Touch (A Big Sky Romance)


Image of A Cowboy's Touch (A Big Sky Romance)

Hunter gives detailed images of ranch life, making it feel real enough to step into. Wade and Abigail have an instant attraction despite their differences. Abigail experiences heartfelt and real struggles when it comes to her career vs. love, and a future with Wade.

Workaholic newspaper writer Abigail Jones heads to Montana for a much-needed break. Quickly bored with the quiet life, she accepts a nanny job to the daughter of Hollywood hunk and rodeo star Wade Ryan. Abigail’s investigative nature has her researching Wade’s past and why he disappeared from the limelight years ago. But will the secrets she uncovers keep her from the man who has captured her heart? (THOMAS NELSON, May, 320 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Angie Howatt