Marina Scott rides out on the range not knowing that the cowboy she meets is her destiny: her fianc's brother, Ward Dillon. Ward has come home for Ramon's wedding, and does not expect to fall in love at first sight. Though both he and Marina know it is wrong, they elope, positive their love will be all they need. How wrong they are.

When the newlyweds return, betrayal awaits. Ward, convinced of the lies his mother tells, leaves Marina and their unborn child to fight in the Civil War, unaware he has been duped.

Abandoned and scorned Marina finds a way to survive. Only years later when she locates Ward working on a ranch, does she understand the truth.

Marina arrives hoping to get Ward to agree to a divorce, but once he discovers they have a bright, wonderful son, he is not so sure he can set her free. Their old passion has never died.

As Ward and Marina try to work out their relationship a cholera epidemic strikes. With all their lives in danger Marina and Ward set aside their problems to help the community and uncover a love too powerful to destroy.

Leigh Greenwood's second book in The Cowboys series, WARD is a story that has been told many times, but never with that special Greenwood touch. The beautiful relationship between father and son, between friends and husband and wife will hold readers' attention and tug at their heartstrings. SENSUAL (Sep., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin