Image of Cowgirl Makes Three


Image of Cowgirl Makes Three
COWGIRL MAKES THREE (4) by Myrna Mackenzie: Long ago, ranching was a way of life for Ivy Seacrest. After winning a modeling contest, she left and had no intention of returning. A horrific car accident involving her family changes everything. She returns to Tallula, Mont., in dire financial straits and desperate for a job, but no one will hire her. Rancher Noah Ballenger is in need of a ranch hand, but he doubts Ivy is the one for the job. He is wary of relationships since his ex-wife abandoned him and their daughter, Lily. He isn’t thrilled by his attraction to Ivy, especially since he knows she isn’t staying. In her effort to help him better blend in with the townspeople, they learn a great deal about themselves and what they want out of life. This is a great tale in which the characters are well written and well rounded.
Reviewed by: 
Katherine Taylor