Wrongly imprisoned for 11 years for the murder of youthful rival Forrest Danvers—supposedly over the affections of Blaze Logan—Rourke McCall is now out and looking for answers from Longhorn Café owner Cassidy Miller. Cassidy's still wracked with guilt because her teenage crush on Rourke and her jealousy of her cousin Blaze helped implicate him in a murder she's certain he didn't commit. Together Rourke and Cassidy must find truth and forgiveness. B.J. Daniels creates an original story with an interesting dynamic for her leads. The Cowgirl in Question (3) does, however, hinge upon a questionable premise: Rourke persists in thinking the shy 17-year-old Cassidy deliberately set him up, although he knows of no reason why she would have.
Reviewed by: 
Kimberley Harvey