Image of Coyote Dreams (The Walker Papers, Book 3)


Image of Coyote Dreams (The Walker Papers, Book 3)

The third book in Murphy's Walker Papers series is a welcome return to
the fine form of the first. Tightly written and paced, it has a compelling, interesting protagonist, whose struggles and successes will captivate new and old readers alike.

Seattle's been struck by a supernatural blue flu of sorts -- police officers are falling asleep for no discernible reason, and they're not waking up. Shaman Joanne Walker, fortunately, is not one of them. Figuring that the sleeping sickness is magical in origin, she investigates and discovers that that the illness has its roots in the awakening of her power several months before.

Once Joanne starts poking around in the spirit world, she can't rest until she defeats the power putting her friends and colleagues to sleep and starts to come to terms with her troubled past and tumultuous present. (Luna, May, 416 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs