Image of Coyote Horizon


Image of Coyote Horizon

Once again Steele has created a
dynamic and thought-provoking tale.
His treatment of human personalities and the rigors of trying to make a life on an untamed world are both believable and fascinating. Seen through the eyes of a wilderness guide and a newly converted spiritual leader, this intrepid new world is an intriguing mix of hopes and fears.

The frontier world of Coyote is finally beginning to find its feet after a long fight to gain independence -- both in resources and political standing -- from the home planet of Earth. Life on the alien planet is not easy. Food and materials for a growing population are still scarce on the largely unexplored world.

This delicate balance is about to be shattered as the governments of Earth collapse and humans rush to leave their dying home. Can Coyote withstand this mass emigration? With the help of strong individuals and a new spiritual philosophy offered by the alien hjadd, hope for their world's future remains a star to be followed. (ACE, Mar., 356 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
S.L. Rosania