Brennan and Griffin have created a tough, fun crime-fighting duo here, one we hope to see more of! It is Griffin's Krista Hart who steals the show, in the novella, "Burn." The story moves fast, with bullets flying, cars crashing — and one handsome PI who seems to always be in the way. Brennan's Scarlet is also great in "Crash," but the mystery undertaken a little too ambitious for such a short word count, too many suspects will have readers a bit confused. In addition, both novellas could have benefitted from some more interaction between the PIs, who only cameo in each other's stories. Nevertheless, this is a fun, quick, exciting read that will keep you up late turning pages.

Three years ago, Detective Scarlet Moreno walked into an ambush. She walked away alive only because rookie cop Krista Hart stayed by her side. Now the women work as private investigators at their firm, Moreno & Hart, trying to get a foothold in Orange County. 

In "Crash," Scarlet stops at a car crash to help the victims, only to become embroiled in a case of fatal attraction. She's also trying to save bartender Isaac from heading to prison again, after he nearly gets into a bar brawl with some college kids. Except soon one of the kids turns up dead, the others missing or drugged. Can Scarlet figure out what happened — and stay out of the way of new Detective Alex Bishop?

In "Burn" Krista receives a job from the O.C.'s slimiest — and therefore incredibly successful — defense lawyer. She needs to locate a witness for a murder trial, ASAP. Krista's suspicious, and discovers that shady — and also incredibly attractive — R.J. Flynn is also on the case. As Krista delves deeper into this missing person case, she gets the feeling that something very off … (SOCAL PRESS, Sep., dl., $3.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Marie Bongiorno