Image of Crash Landing


Image of Crash Landing
CRASH LANDING (4) by Lori Wilde: The enjoyable final episode of the Stop the Wedding! trilogy finds millionaire Gibb Martin in rural Costa Rica, making arrangements to start his latest business development. When his lifelong friend and supposed future business partner Scott Everly informs him that he is getting married and won’t be joining him in business, Gibb is set on stopping the wedding. He enlists the services of spunky bush pilot Sophia Cruz to get him to Key West in time. But when Sophia’s plane fails, and they crash-land on a sensual deserted island, he learns a valuable lesson about what really matters in life. Filled with the rom-com movie antics we’ve seen in the earlier books, Wilde closes this consistently fun series with an installment sure to make you smile.
Reviewed by: 
Kim Jefferson