The daughter of severely dysfunctional parents, Michael's chance to become a productive adult is challenged from the start. Throughout her early life, she pacifies and consoles her unstable mother and learns to repress her own feelings. But when Michael learns sex can get her attention, she begins a quest for a man who will say and mean those words she longs to hear: "I love you." Gerry, Marshall, Keith and Sky all could have been The One, but ultimately the relationships sever.

Michael's life is ripe with sex, seeking, self-doubt and sacrifice. Then out of her new friendship with a prostitute, something happens that could change Michael's perspective— on life, relationships and herself— forever.

Ford tells an inventive, soul-stirring story with strong characters, pulling readers into Michael's life from the first page. While the heroine's sexual adventures are explicit and numerous, Ford's daring and fresh style is captivating. (Mar., 336 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Linda Baldwim