Image of To Crave a Blood Moon (Moon Chasers, Book 3)


Image of To Crave a Blood Moon (Moon Chasers, Book 3)

Kohler's next supernatural adventure focuses its sights on the brother of a
previous hero. Her intriguing novels explore a dark and bloody world, but it's also one containing honor and hope. The stakes are life and death for these protagonists, which means readers are in for an incredible ride.

While tracking a pack in Turkey, dovenatu/lycan hunter Sebastian Santiago is captured and tortured. Head of the pack Gunter wants to use Sebastian's bloodline to create a super race. With Sebastian uncooperative, Gunter decides to up the stakes by starving him, in hopes his beast within will attack and kill a young woman thrown into his cell.

Ruby Deveraux is an empath who agreed to help chaperone a couple of foster teens on a trip to Turkey. When the girls sneak out, Ruby follows, only to discover a nightmare of death as the lycans slaughter everyone except her. Ruby is tossed into a dark cell with a man whose emotions threaten to overwhelm her. In order to survive, Ruby and Sebastian must find a way to control his ravenous beast and find a way out of this hellhole. (POCKET, Sep., 321 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith