Although the backstories that prevent
the hero and heroine from being together are not well developed, Walters gives readers a sensual romance and a couple that screams chemistry.

Lucas Squires decides that, given his family background, he's better off alone. But then he spots a lady who fits the exact description of his
fantasy woman, and their attraction
is strong and immediate. This case
of mistaken identity soon reveals the
passionate woman in his arms is none other than Candy Logan, the pest of
a publicist who has been trying to
contact him regarding promotion for his cookbook.

She crashed the event to see him, and given the way they spent the last hour in the storage room, she's seen her fill. Now the real battle of wills begins as Lucas barters Candy's time
in exchange for his advertising cooperation. But old fears and family secrets challenge their feelings, and they must choose to fight or walk away for good. (, dl $5.95)

Reviewed by: 
Lisa Kelly