Craving Perfect is a fresh and brilliant take on the old saying, "Be careful what you wish for." Grace is charmingly flawed, with self-esteem issues that readers will relate to easily. Her growth throughout the story is inspiring and one can't help but hope she finds happiness. The alternating point-of-view style of narration is well-executed and filled with an array of emotion. Fichera expertly delivers moving, poignant scenes that are bound to turn readers misty-eyed, so be prepared to reach for the tissues while reading!

Pastry maker Grace Mills wishes for the perfect life; the kind where she's ten (or twenty) pounds lighter, oozes self-confidence and gets noticed by the hot guy at her gym. One day, while on the treadmill burning off the previous day's raspberry scone and imagining life as a size two, Grace falls off the treadmill and her reality comes crashing down — literally. When she regains consciousness, she's thin, blonde and dating Mr. Gym Hottie!

Although Grace still possesses her humble and clumsy nature, she figures she could get used to a life where people fawn over her beauty. However, she soon learns that there's a price to pay for perfection, and it's not cheap. Will Grace return to her past imperfect life, or is she fated to a life of superficial existence? (CARINA PRESS, July 2011, dl., $5.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Spencer A. Freeman