Image of Crazy Dangerous


Image of Crazy Dangerous

Klavan presents the story of a good kid who falls in with a bad crowd and must seek the truth behind the horrific visions of his seemingly mentally unstable classmate. The original plot is full of twists and turns and unexpected treasures. Klavan’s writing is quick, tight, exciting and intense. The adrenaline-charged action will keep you totally immersed.

Sam Hopkins is a risk-taker who gets into more than one tangle because of his behavior. His father is a pastor and very involved in the lives of his church people. Also, his father’s best friend is dying, and Sam doesn’t want to add to his troubles. Yet, when he sees a classmate, Jennifer, in physical danger, he intervenes, beginning his and Jennifer’s perils with demons, visions, institutions and adventure — bringing chaos and danger to Sam, his family and Jennifer. (THOMAS NELSON, May, 336 pp., $16.99)

Reviewed by: 
Linda Mae Baldwin