Age and memory issues have started to plague paleontologist Regan McKinney's beloved grandfather, Wilson. So Regan is worried when he goes missing. Following a clue left on his calendar, Regan drives to the remote, nearly abandoned town of Cisco, Utah, looking for both Quinn Younger and her grandfather.

After nearly getting killed during his most recent mission, Special Defense Force operative Quinn has been sent to isolated Cisco to recover. He's concerned when Regan drives into town. Hot on her heels are some nasty customers who are looking to get their hands on Quinn. Before she knows what's happened, Regan is drawn into a deadly game.

The good news is that her grandfather is safe; the bad news is that vicious killer Roper Jones has made the connection between the McKinney family and Younger. Things are about to get down and dirty.

Janzen's SDF warriors are searing, sexy and dangerous. This hot talent's exciting new series launches with a sizzling adventure. Luckily for readers, book two, Crazy Cool, arrives next month. (Oct., 402 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith