For many months, Special Defense Force Operative Kid Chronopolous has been living only for vengeance. When his older brother, J.T., was brutally murdered in South America, Kid vowed revenge. Now, after eliminating all those who tortured and killed J.T., Kid becomes the target of a Colombian drug lord.

Sexy artist Nikki McKinney usually gets what she wants -- and Nikki wants Kid. While Nikki knows abstractly about the dangerous missions he undertakes for the government, she gets an all-too-close look when several assassins come gunning. The last thing Kid ever wanted was to get Nikki mixed up in his job, but now that Juan Conseco has both of their names, they are in big trouble.

Since he was introduced in book one of this series, Kid has been a fascinating and enigmatic character. While keeping the tension and thrills high, Janzen excels at building rich characters whose lives readers are deeply vested in. Let's hope she keeps 'em coming! (Mar., 354 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith