Having waited for Dylan Hart, the head of the Special Defense Forces, to notice that she's no longer a child, car mechanic extraordinaire Skeeter Bang finally gets her chance to show him when she's approved for special forces training. She's ready to be taken seriously.

It's precisely because of his attraction to Skeeter that Dylan has avoided the Denver home office as much as possible. But extreme circumstances force him to return. SDF has been assigned to retrieve an explosive file. Normally this wouldn't be a tough job, but Dylan is worried about the potential deadly side effects of drugs he was injected with while captured by the dangerous Hamzah Negara. Dylan escaped, but Negara isn't finished with him yet. With the rest of the SDF crew tied up, Dylan must accept backup from Skeeter, who's not about to blow her big chance with Dylan by letting him get killed.

Skeeter is on the hunt, and she's one determined woman! Janzen's Crazy series continues to be so entertaining because readers instantly bond with her characters. Driving action and adventure laced with hot passion add up to big-time fun. (Jul., 337 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith