Image of Crazy for Love (Hqn)


Image of Crazy for Love (Hqn)

This story starts with a laugh and continues to deliver plenty of humor throughout. It’s enjoyable to watch the hero work to overcome his overwhelming need to keep everyone safe, yet strikes a serious note when it comes to the heroine accepting the hero for who he is.

Chloe Turner was a nice, normal girl with a nice, normal life until her fiancé tried to fake his own death to break their engagement. To escape the media frenzy, Chloe and her friend Jenn head for a tiny resort on White Rock Island. There they meet Max Sullivan and his brother, Elliott. Elliott is trying to get his workaholic self to loosen up while recovering from a divorce. Max is a treasure hunter with an overdeveloped protective streak that gets him into trouble, rescuing damsels in distress. Though Chloe doesn’t apparently need rescuing, Max feels the need to make sure she stays safe and ends up creating misunderstandings and misadventures that have them falling for one another. (HQN, Jul., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley