The hugely talented Janzen has really put herself on the map with her unconventional, thrilling and sexy Crazy series. After six books, she wraps things up by exploring the complicated story of SDF operative Travis James and his damaged love, Gillian Pentycote. Since book one, Travis has been an evolving hero. He now faces the biggest emotional challenge of his life. Kudos to Janzen for this amazing book and series!

After ex-CIA operative Tony Royce tortured her and used her as a test subject for an experimental drug, the woman known as Gillian Pentycote completely lost her identity. Not only was her mind wiped of memories and her sense of self erased, her body changed as well.

Reborn from the ashes, Gillian now calls herself Red Dog and has become a deadly killing machine. Only her physical and emotional connection to Travis keeps her sane; otherwise, she would be overwhelmed by her quest to find and kill Royce. While all of the special defense force operatives want Royce dead, they fear Gillian's dangerous obsession will force her over the line. Can Travis stop her from destroying herself? (DELL, Nov., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith