Secret Defense Force operative Creed Rivera has not fully recovered from the tragic mission in which his best friend, J.T., was murdered. But he must find out if the new Denver librarian is suspected nuclear arms dealer Dominika Starkova.

Since visiting her birth father in Prague, Cordy Kaplan's (aka Dominika) placid life has taken a terrifying twist. Given as a bargaining chip by her father to a Russian mafioso, Cordy has witnessed the murder of a CIA agent and been chased by various terrorist groups in an effort to retrieve a book revealing the whereabouts of a missing nuke.

Cordy no longer knows whom to trust, but when two terrorist groups nearly catch her in the library, she figures that Creed is the least dangerous option. Boy, is she mistaken. With terrorist operatives closing in, Cordy and Creed run for their lives -- and Cordy has to decide if she is going to run from Creed as well.

Nonstop action is the hallmark of this chapter of the Crazy series. Hide-and-seek, when played on this scale, is deadly and completely riveting. Janzen is a major gift to the romantic suspense genre! (Feb., 432 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith