Teacher Quinn Mackenzie has doubts about her significant other, Tibbet High football coach Bill Hilliard. However, when Bill takes Quinn?s new dog to the pound, all doubts are erased. Bill is not the man for Quinn.

Angry and determined, Quinn rescues ragged little Katie and temporarily moves back in with her parents. Suddenly life is open with possibilities. Buying her own little run-down house is just the start. Quinn?s new behavior seems to be having a bizarre effect on others. Now, not only has Quinn?s mother kicked her father out, but her best friend Darla is trying to put some spark back into her marriage.

As for Quinn?s romantic impulses, her ex-brother-in-law is suddenly looking way too attractive. But Nick is highly uncomfortable having lustful feelings towards Quinn. Meanwhile, Bill seems to be going off the deep end. His obsession with Quinn is even affecting the football team?s performance. It?s starting to look like this little town will never be the same again.

Escape your own troubles and join the slightly wacky and wonderful world created by Jennifer Crusie. CRAZY FOR YOU brings Ms. Crusie?s delightful, dizzy and unpredictable sense of humor vividly to life once again. (On-sale Feb., 336 pp, $6.99—Hardcover published May, 1999)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith