Rachel Gibson returns to Lovett, Texas for this novella about “Crazy" Lily Darlington. Readers will empathize with the colorful Lily, who is now so concerned with staying out of the public’s spotlight that she may just give up her chance at a happy ending. And hero Tucker, the younger man who knows that he and Lily will be great together, may just steal your heart! It’s another fun-filled ride.

Lily Darlington is trying to live down the label of “crazy” that the townsfolk gave her after she behaved rashly one too many times. (And even she admits that driving a car into her ex’s house was not her finest moment.) It’s been years since this single-mother did anything even remotely attention grabbing, but all that’s about to change now that Tucker Matthews has moved in next door. The new sheriff quickly makes friends with Lily’s young son, and is drawn to Lily. But can he convince her that she should give their mutual attraction a chance to grow into a happily ever after? (AVON, May, dl., $1.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan