Image of Creation in Death


Image of Creation in Death

The one that got away comes back to haunt both Lt. Eve Dallas and her mentor, Captain Feeney, in the latest installment of Robb's consistently excellent series. Guilt over the deaths of new victims adds extra pressure that in turn creates unusual friction among the team. Despite the longevity of this brilliant series, Robb continues to find new emotions to play with and elements of character to explore.

Nine years ago, an extraordinarily vicious serial killer tortured four New York women to death before disappearing. This unsolved case still haunts Eve and Feeney, who know the killer just moved to other cities around the globe to continue his killing spree.

When the body of one of Roarke's employees suddenly turns up, Eve knows The Groom is back for round two. That the killer is targeting Roarke's employees and using his products tells Eve that he feels that the two of them have unfinished business -- and that she may be his final target. (PUTNAM, Nov., 352 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith