Image of Creeping with the Enemy (Langdon Prep, No. 2)


Image of Creeping with the Enemy (Langdon Prep, No. 2)

Loved it! Fifteen-year-old Chanti Evans is a modern-day Nancy Drew: smart, brave, persistent and determined to protect her friend and solve the mystery that is Bethanie.

Trapped in the middle of a stick-up at a bodega, Chanti and Bethanie are protected by a preppie stranger. Chanti’s suspicious. Things look a little too staged. Their knight in shining armor, Cole, keeps popping up around Bethanie — and she’s crushing big time. With a detective for a mom, Chanti can’t help but be a sleuth. She’s determined to find out Cole’s motivation and protect Bethanie, despite the damage it might do to her relationship with Marco.(K TEEN, May, 261 pp., $9.95, PB, ISBN: 9780758267412, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Leslie Frohberg