Image of Creme Brulee Upset


Image of Creme Brulee Upset

Bradley's characters and setting really put readers right in the story. But the hero comes across as overly emotional and often acts like a jealous jerk, though his courting of the heroine is quite romantic. Even with the wonderful ending, you may be left wondering if the heroine really ended up with the right guy.

Patrice Wilson is the best friend of Mike Tucker's sister. Patrice has always loved Mike, but he wasn't aware of it until she became a teenager, and by then he felt he was too old for her. Now, though, Patrice is all grown up. Then an ill-fated accident convinces Patrice to give up on Mike, while it pushes Mike to finally make his play.

His past actions and her present friends create a strong barrier between them. Will he be able to overcome it, or has he waited too long? (Wild Rose Press, Jul., 272 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley