In the intrigue-ridden city of New Orleans, lovely Camille Giron is known as the "Pirate Princess." Daughter of an illustrious buccaneer and a Creole mother, she is living with her staid French relatives trying her best to be a credit to her family. But when she steps into an American army major's arms to stop a fight at a ball, she discovers the man everyone calls a "savage" is as handsome as the devil and twice as smart.

Simon Woodward has a job to do; destroy the Louisiana pirate gang by infiltrating it. He can't allow a beautiful Creole belle to sway him from his purpose. But when Camille discovers Simon's secret business with her uncle, she decides to use her information to blackmail him into helping her find her cousin's missing lover. Trapped by their different schemes, Camille and Simon find themselves ensnared in a sensual web that ends with a hasty marriage.

Caught between love and betrayal, Camille must find a way to win Simon's love, help her cousin and save her family.

Deborah Martin knows the lush and beautiful sultry city of New Orleans and creates a fascinating love story set among the Creole elite during a tempestuous historical era. The breath of scandal and undercurrents of political unrest combine with the explosive passion of Camille and Simon's love in a daring tale. SENSUAL (Dec., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin