Magdalena Yoder, busybody and innkeeper, is surprised when her brother-in-law, Melvin Stoltzfus, the county sheriff, asks her to do a bit of sleuthing. Usually, he considers Magdalena a royal pain but he's so busy campaigning for public office that he needs Magdalena's help.

A local woman, Elizabeth Mast, recently died of a drug overdose and it doesn't seem likely that a God-fearing Amish woman would use drugs. Melvin would like Magdalena to get to the bottom of things.

It's a busy time for Magdalena as her Inn has many guests-including a pair of psychiatrists who would like to analyze her!-but Magdalena can't resist a good snoop so she agrees to help. Much to her surprise, she discovers that not only are drugs present in peaceful Hernia, PA, but there's a crazy killer on the loose as well.

The dialogue sparkles as the mystery unfolds in THE CREPES OF WRATH. As always, it's a joy to read about Magdalena Yoder and the other zany folks in town. And as a bonus, the author has included several delicious recipes for crepes, including one for blintzes! (Jan., 272 pp., $5.99) Hardcover published January 2001.

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg