Image of Crescent City Courtship (Love Inspired Historical)


Image of Crescent City Courtship (Love Inspired Historical)

CRESCENT CITY COURTSHIP (4) by Elizabeth White: New Orleans, 1879. Abigail Neal wants to become a doctor to help underprivileged women. But she thinks the most she can achieve is to become a nurse. After an initial misunderstanding, John Braddock tries to help Abigail by becoming her tutor to help her realize her dream. But Abigail is concerned that John may be involved in his father's illegal opium-importing activities, something the elder Braddock forced her to be a part of when she lived in China with her parents. Abigail will have to trust in herself and God to find a way to expose John's father without losing John in the process. White, a gifted author, writes characters that are never boring as they struggle with their beliefs and try to do the right thing, in spite of the obstacles.

Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans