Image of Crescent Moon: A Nightcreature Novel


Image of Crescent Moon: A Nightcreature Novel

Since her husband's untimely death, crypto-zoologist Diana Malone has become obsessed with proving that he was not nuts to believe in the supernatural. So when a wealthy businessman wants Diana to investigate wolf sightings in New Orleans, she jumps at the chance. Things get sticky quickly when Diana's guide, Charlie, is murdered during her first visit. Diana also encounters Adam Ruelle, who locals claim comes from a cursed family. Diana suspects that the elusive and magnetic Adam is hiding secrets. For all her bravado, is Diana really ready to learn the secrets contained in the world of the supernatural?

Strong heroines are a hallmark of Handeland's enormously popular werewolf series, and Diana is no exception. Crescent Moon delivers plenty of creepy danger and sensual thrills, which make it a most satisfying treat. (Feb., 338 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith