Forty-something Carolyn Blue spent many years as a homemaker. With the children grown and gone, shes able to travel the world with her professor husband, trying exotic new dishes wherever they gowhich leads to her new career as a food writer.

Carolyn gets a golden opportunity when her husband is invited to a conference in New Orleans. Not only will there be lots of great food to write about, the trip will give Carolyn the chance to see her old girlhood chum Julienne, who will also be attending the conference.

Carolyn arranges a dinner party for Julienne but its a fiascoJulienne and her husband have a major blowout at dinner and she storms out of the restaurant. When Julienne doesnt return, Carolyn goes to the police, who do nothing; they think this is just a case of a wife walking out on her husband. Carolyn launches her own search for the missing woman, which takes her all over New Orleans before she learns the truth about her friend and the disappearance.

Although the suspense is low keyed, CRIME BRULEE is a pleasant read, featuring likeable, recognizable characters. There are also several delicious southern recipes included! (Apr., 288 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg