Defending her high-profile cousin against a charge of murdering his ex-wife, an attorney tries to keep family secrets-even from her co-counsel, a famous criminal defense attorney. While the suspect list grows, she fears the secrets will not only send her cousin to prison, but will prevent her from finding true love. CRIME OF PASSION (4.5) is a captivating courtroom thriller by Maggie Ferguson who demonstrates her great skill at putting the sparks in Intrigue.

Tracking down her runaway teenage sister in 1995 leads a rancher back to 1885 and into the arms of THE DESPERADO (4). Together, the two seek answers to her sister's disappearance while trying to solve a murder he's accused of. Patricia Rosemoor's storytelling ability transcends the boundaries of time with a journey that will leave you breathless.

A bounty hunter is torn between his future and past when a job leads him straight to an important woman he knew from years before. Much as he'd like to avoid hurting her again, she winds up being the only lead to his suspect. Though Laura Gordon relies heavily on lack of communication in LETHAL LOVER (3), she once again takes readers into her well-spun world of danger.

A small Minnesota town full of secrets has a strange pull on a New York artist. Once there she can't explain the cold shoulder she receives from practically the whole town, the one exception being the Sheriff who becomes involved with her. Molly Rice expertly builds suspense from the very first page and gives readers a story that is truly UNFORGETTABLE (4).

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson