Image of Criminal: A Novel (Will Trent)


Image of Criminal: A Novel (Will Trent)

Slaughter’s newest book is amazing. She makes you see every side of the story, even if the character’s perspective is not one you agree with. She also shows new layers to her characters in each book. Amanda’s history with Will is finally revealed in detail, and her story is intriguing and hard to put down. The flawed characters help to keep the suspense high.

Will Trent has worked for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and his supervisor, Amanda Wagner, for a long time. Amanda has always taken a special interest in Will and his career. Now, a past case is being brought to light that will answer many questions that Will has, not only about Amanda but about his own murky past. Amanda’s first case was 40 years ago and it was a brutal crime in the city’s worst neighborhood. The way it ended affected the rest of her police career and now it seems as though decisions made then are coming back to haunt her. She must figure out how it connects with a disappearance that has just happened. (DELACORTE, Jul., 435 pp., $27.00)

Reviewed by: 
Robyn Glazer