Image of Criminal Intent


Image of Criminal Intent
As a favor to a friend, ex-DEA agent Davy Hunter agrees to spend two months as the police chief of tiny Serenity, Maine. Expecting boredom, the recently sober Hunter is surprised by myriad demands on his time and attention, but he still looks forward to his departure. Topping his list of distractions are Serenity's newest citizens, Annie Kendall and her daughter.

Annie has already put down roots by purchasing a run-down hotel and video store, and she's as perplexed by the instant connection between them as Hunter is. It's just as well that he's leaving: Annie's on the run from the men responsible for several deaths, including her husband's -- and discovery equals death. Ever vigilant, she can't focus properly when Hunter's around. Of course, telling him the truth is an option -- if she gets the chance.

Breton's latest is a sterling effort, a passionate, intense love story wrapped in gut-wrenching suspense. Complex characters, particularly the hero, are a highlight. (Mar., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer