Image of Crimson & Steam (Crimson City)


Image of Crimson & Steam (Crimson City)

The always innovative Maverick
mixes futuristic settings with Victorian steampunk to create a book that explains the origins of the Crimson
City denizens. This tale also follows
two pairs of ill-fated lovers, one from 1851 and the other, fans will be delighted to note, that of human Jill Cooper and vampire Marius Dumont. Treachery and obsession make for plenty of high-stakes drama.

To unite the vampires and werewolves against the feared humans, Marius has agreed to marry werewolf princess Tatiana Asprey, despite the fact his heart belongs to human reporter Jill. In her anger, Jill has turned to human-turned-vampire Hayden Wilks, who has his own ax to grind. The wedding doesn't go off without a hitch -- a vampire shows up dying from a human-made virus. Marius and Jill must find out if there's an antidote. The answers lie in the past, at events that occurred during the Great Exhibition in London, which unleashed the "Blood-Taint" that changed the world forever. (LOVE SPELL, Jan., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith