There's a nice broody feeling to this paranormal, but it's peppered throughout with plot holes. There's an original twist on vampire legends, and the love scenes are unusual and steamy, without being overly graphic. Characterization is weak, however, and dreams and dialogue serve mostly to dump information on the reader. The story, unfortunately, is not nearly as seductive as the hero's fabled voice. And Devin is portrayed as such the superhero, it's difficult to take any danger seriously. Heather spends a lot of time talking to herself and recalling past events, but we never really know what makes her tick. Although there is a lot of potential here and the book is not unreadable, the story does require patience to sort out. Vampire fans may be mildly entertained.

Heather Kincaid thinks she's imagined her "dream-beast." She's astonished to find out he actually exists. Devin is a 400-year-old vampire, currently a lounge singer with an impossibly seductive voice.

Heather returns to her parents' vacation cabin after their deaths to sell the property. She not only recalls the romantic fantasies of her teen years, she finds out the truth behind her dreams. She meets Devin and soon discovers his true nature.

There's a threat to their happiness, of course, and the fear that the two will not be able to survive!

(Feb., 116 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jen Exum