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Rodeo champ Hal Griffin has taken just about enough verbal abuse from nearby rancher Andrea Fletcher. Hal is so infuriated by her latest phone message that he decides to drive down and chew her out in person. What Hal discovers is a beautiful, feisty woman barely hanging on to her ranch. Andrea and her younger brother Jason have recently been orphaned-first by a car accident that took their mother, then by the apparent suicide of their father. Unless Andrea can convince Hal to help her round up and sell her calves, she won't be able to pay the mortgage.

Despite his hard-earned distrust of women, Hal finds himself giving Andrea and Jason all the assistance he can. Unfortunately, Hal can't stay for long, as he is scheduled to ride in rodeos on the circuit.

Football player Jason appears to be the victim of harassment by a group of local thugs whose pranks get more and more vicious. The harassment also seems designed to damage the ranch. Are the boys acting on their own or is there is someone else orchestrating the problems plaguing Fletcher Ranch?

When Jason is severely beaten, Hal returns, determined to get to the bottom of the plot. Someone is going to pay for the heartache they have caused Jason and the feisty Andrea.

Carol Finch fans are in for a treat as she returns to stir up the lives of the Griffin Brothers with this unforgettable story. (Mar., 416 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith