Months ago, B-Ops agent Cydney Brighton disappeared in a bloody battle and was presumed dead. But it turns out that she was actually abducted by the demon Griff-Vai and taken to the demon underworld.

Trapped, Cyd seized her opportunity to escape when she snatched a magical amulet from a Druid warrior as he attempted to close the portal between worlds. Now back in Crimson City, Cyd finds that much has changed -- her old partner is a vampire, B-Ops is falling apart, the demons have attacked and rogue elements of all species are gathering together.

If anyone can understand Cyd's feelings of isolation, it is Finn, the part-human/part-machine Mech that was programmed as a killing machine. Finn broke away from the government that controlled him and has gone underground. Cyd and Finn are somewhat reluctant allies at first, but they soon realize that they care about what happens to the other. The newest twist is that Cyd is no longer fully human, and fulfilling her destiny may help save all the races.

This is the powerhouse conclusion to the exceptionally creative Crimson City series, launched by the versatile Maverick. Coming full circle, this final chapter focuses on two characters introduced in the first novel. With nail-biting suspense and fast-paced action, this novel is a spectacular finale! (Apr., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith