Image of Critical Condition: A Novel (Angels of Mercy)


Image of Critical Condition: A Novel (Angels of Mercy)

This is the final entry in Lyons’ Angels of Mercy series. Suspense and action keep the reader engaged, making this a quick, exciting read. Some events test the limits of believability, but such plot devices are what thrillers are all about. Sometimes brutal, the action never stops. This is an excellent entry in the genre of hostage thriller.

A few weeks ago, a hit man on a shooting spree injured several hospital staff. Most seriously hurt was Dr. Gina Freeman’s boyfriend, a detective who suffered a gunshot wound to his head. Now, on New Year’s Eve, he’s alive, but far from functioning normally. Of concern to them all is that the hit man missed his target, so a repeat attack is likely. A blizzard shuts the hospital and streets are impassible, trapping all inside. Among them, a shooter and his gang who are determined to take out their target this time. A night of terror is ahead, as staff and patients use their ingenuity and whatever makeshift weapons they can create to save themselves. (JOVE, Dec., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters