Image of Critical Diagnosis (Love Inspired Suspense)


Image of Critical Diagnosis (Love Inspired Suspense)
CRITICAL DIAGNOSIS (3) by Alison Stone: Dr. Lily McAllister has been searching for a cure for the genetic disease that has impacted her family for years. But someone seems determined to stop her. Lily is being stalked and, on the verge of a revolutionary new treatment, she is attacked. Dr. James O’Reilly is tapped to head up the family pharmaceutical business, but he longs to re-enlist. Now, he feels compelled to keep Lily safe. Is Lily the true target, and what is at the root of the threats? While a bit slow to engage, the pace stays steady. The suspense is a bit understated at times, but characters, including secondary ones, are well developed and woven together. The reader will learn a bit about the drug trial process along the way.
Reviewed by: 
Leslie McKee