Image of Critical Pursuit


Image of Critical Pursuit

Due to Cantore’s background, her characters resonate with an authenticity not routinely found in police dramas. Her knack with words captures Jack’s despair and bitterness and skillfully documents his spiritual journey. Cantore also educates readers on some startling facts about child abduction in this start to her latest series.

Brinna Caruso has a passion for finding missing children; it’s personal — she was one herself. After a shooting, Brinna is placed on patrol temporarily for the investigation. She is partnered with Detective Jack O’Reilly, who is viewed as a loose cannon since the loss of his wife to a drunk driver. Jack is out for revenge, and Brinna isn’t sure she can trust his judgment. As the anniversary of Brinna’s abduction approaches, cases are popping up that seem to be linked to her kidnapper. Can they work together to catch the criminal and restore Brinna’s sense of peace? (Tyndale, Sep., 384 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee