Upon her parent's death, teenage heiress Lily Dumont fell prey to the abuse and financial machinations of her uncle, Marc. Hoping to scare Lily into signing over her money, Uncle Marc even sent her to live in a foster home. What he didn't expect was for a bond to develop between Lily and two boys in the foster home, Ty Benson and Daniel Hunter, who eventually helped her escape by faking her own death. Lily is presumed dead and Lacey Kincaid is born.

Years later, Uncle Marc is about to get married and is trying to have Lily/Lacey declared legally dead so he can claim her inheritance. Ty, now a sexy P.I., tracks Lacey down and urges her to reclaim her birthright and her money. Lacey's sudden reappearance is not going to make Uncle Marc happy, but will he be bold enough to try to stop her?

The bonds of family and love are not predicated on blood in Phillips' new story. Her gift for placing interesting characters in challenging situations always leads to genuine reading pleasure. (Aug., 288
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith