Image of Crossing the Lion: A Reigning Cats & Dogs Mystery


Image of Crossing the Lion: A Reigning Cats & Dogs Mystery

From the English butler, Jives, to the wastrel son that wears tennis whites, to crazy Aunt Alvira who is kept locked in the attic, everyone in this story is a suspect. The amusing cast of characters keeps Jessie on her toes and thinking a lot about the board game Clue, especially when Miss Scarlet, the deceased's very young, very attractive assistant arrives. Solitude Island is the perfect place for a murder mystery setting - complete with a conservatory, hidden passageways and zero cell phone reception. Lovers of lighthearted whodunits will definitely want to read this book and then go out and get the rest of the stories in Baxter's Reigning Cats & Dogs series.

Even though Jessica Popper has a successful veterinarian career and is newly married, she still enjoys her extracurricular activities as an amateur sleuth. So when her neighbors ask her to investigate a wealthy friend's suspicious death, Jessie agrees. They immediately leave for the scene of the crime, a mansion on the isolated Solitude Island. Once there, Jessie finds herself surrounded by an eclectic cast of characters that each have their own reason for committing murder. (Bantam, September 2010, $7.99) *Web Exclusive Review*
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Morgan Doremus