Madeline Weaver isn't about to let her age stop her from achieving her goal. With the determination of a pit bull, she sets about to save a dying town.

With a steely determination, Madeline attempts to resurrect the pioneer spirit that founded her town 100 years ago. She's had enough of people who didn't "even stay in one neighborhood, but hopped houses and even spouses as if all were interchangeable and acceptable on the frantic road to happiness." But is Maddy a benevolent benefactor or a dominant dictator with a secret past that just might be catching up with her?

Moser brings together a cross-section of people who are at crossroads in their lives and lays bare their failures and their triumphs. She creates characters who could easily be your neighbors. Aside from a slightly drawn-out ending, the book is a delight, with some great expressions that should make their way into everyday life. Everyone should have a Maddy in their life. (Feb., 388 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston