In the previous gut-wrenching installment of this series, fans and Anna herself learned that she is indeed the vampire Chosen One. Knowing it and accepting it, though, are two different things, as this powerful novel demonstrates. Stein continues to challenge her gutsy heroine, both emotionally and physically, and Anna’s choices could effect mankind. Another for your must-read pile!

Although Anna was proven to be the “Chosen One,” her war with the vampire Chael isn’t over. His manipulations are revealed after Anna’s ex-lover, Max, requests her help stopping a rogue vampire who is transporting and killing people as they cross the border. Upon confrontation, Chael indicates he knows of a way for Anna to become human again, but to learn how she must find a reclusive Navajo shaman. When Chael reveals his knowledge of the existence of her shapeshifter friend Daniel Frey’s young son, Anna fears for the boy’s safety. Anna and Daniel head to the reservation. Something evil is at work and Anna will find herself and her long-range dreams tested. (ACE, Sep., 304 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith