For prodigal brother Ricky Lam, life changed irrevocably the day his brother, Phillip, died and left him heir to a surprising fortune. Ricky embarks on an obsessive quest thereafter to unlock the secrets of his brother's bizarre life.

Philly kept the family secrets—and there were many. He was also obsessed with finding out who he was, and his haunting questions reach Ricky from beyond the grave. Even Philly's wife, Roxy, is not what she seems. And as Roxy tries to come to terms with her husband's death, she finds herself irresistibly attracted to Ricky.

A wonderfully heartwarming, compelling story about families and the lock the past can have on the future, CROWN JEWEL is a grand drama of discovery and love, as families divided by the past and driven by obsession find peace and love. (Dec., 312 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Whitesel